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11th January 2021: Opening THE FUTURE HAS A PAST is postponed and might happen in mid-spring 2021.      …

Portfolio Henry Alles

I am theatremaker, director and visual artist as well as builder and initiator of artist-in-residencies.  

Everything happens somewhere

Met het in kaart brengen van een plek spreek je mogelijk ook over toe-eigenen, koloniseren, verbinden, een relatie aangaan, ongelijkheid…

Change and Place

Recently I successfully completed a Master’s study (2018) with a research called Change and Place. With this research I express…


Landscape is the ground for emotions.

Landscape labs uses residencies as mobile schools-libraries-workshops.

We use art, theatre, books and film as the sustainable bearers for the stories we find.

– Henry Alles, Initiator Landscape Labs


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