About HJA

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Adres: Eerste Drift Gedempte Zuiderdiep 5A
9711 CR, Groningen

phone: 00 31 (0)6-23185923
mail: alles@post.com
date of birth: 13-04-1965

Henry J. Alles is a theatremaker, director and visual artist as well as builder and initiator of artist-in-residencies. From 2004 until 2014 he was a core member of the theatregroup PeerGrouP. He studied sweet-water ecology, is an artist and has a network of both national and international artists, scientists, writers and relevant organisations.


Currently he is doing a master of theatre practices at Artez, university for the arts in Arnhem (NL). And runs a platform for people and landscape called Landscape Labs.

International working experience:

Russia, Denmark, UK, USA, Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Romenia, Sweden and Belgium.

Statement: “I have a keen eye for conventions, which I love to shake up, not to break down but strenghten by doing so.”

I think every project should also be a school, a library and a workshop. People and stories is what I like!

Working experience (selection):

  • Advisor/ facilitator/producer, This is now (project by Jantine Wijnja), 2016, Landscape Labs i.c.w. Wintertuin, Netherlands
  • Initiator/coordinator, 2015, Landscape Labs (PAIR & TAIR), Groningen, http://www.landscapelabs.nl, http://www.tair.nu
  • Artistic and executive producer, Once upon a Time in het Veen, 2014, PeerGrouP
  • Curator/initiator, P.A.I.R Residence, 2009-14, Netherlands, pdf: http://issuu.com/landscapelabs/docs/pair_2013_interactive_yeah/1?e=16981772/12921150
  • Director and scenography, diner theatre show The Round Table, 2008-13, several festivals (ICAF, Springtij, Simmerdeis), Netherlands
  • Performer, Cold War: a performance project, 2012, Wende Museum, Los Angeles (USA)
  • Site specific specialist, artistic and executive producer, Rrrriot, 2012, National Theatre Wales, Rhayader (UK)
  • Advisory board, Friese Waterlinie, 2011-12, Friesland, Netherlands
  • Teacher minor space and scenography, 2009, Fontys Hogeschool, Tilburg
  • Script writer, Mei inoar/Troch inoar 1,2, and 3, 2008-10, Simmerdeis festival, Houtigehage, Netherlands
  • Writer and director audio stories, Wandelavonturen Veenhuizen, 2008-09, Veenhuizen, http://www.wandelavonturenveenhuizen.nl
  • Artistic producer landart-project, Ministerie van Turen, 2007, Veenhuizen