Biography and publications HJA

Henry J. Alles is a theatremaker, director and visual artist as well as builder and initiator of artist-in-residencies. From 2004 until 2014 he was a core member of the theatregroup PeerGrouP. He studied sweetwater-ecology, is a self-taught artist and has a network of both national and international artists, scientists, writers and relevant organisations.

Henry Alles was born in the province of Groningen in the Netherlands, an area known for its huge natural gas pocket and nowadays for its earthquakes. In 1985 he went to Aberdeen (UK) where he paid a first visit to an art-gallery. This visit becomes a landmark for his interest in the arts. After his return to the Netherlands he studies environmental conservation. The studies get him a bachelor degree and a stronger desire for the arts even more. His music develops from pop music to contemporary pieces, and he starts creating visual installations and organises an exhibition about environment and art at the institute where he studies.


With a growing need to stage his ideas he starts co-operating with other artists. During these years he organises concerts, cinema and produces sound art, art-concepts and even art-lollypops. He becomes both a composer for dance and theatre and a visual artist. For the latter he receives a large grand in 2001. The different talents slowly come together. He acknowledges his role as performer, and the gamesome character he gives to his work and presentations.

In the years following Henry does art projects, uses video, teaches bachelor-students and develops exhibitions. And strengthens his narrative capability by writing scripts for performances and lectures.


In 2005 a hallucinating time working with the PeerGrouP, a theatre group that works in rural areas, starts. With ‘archaeology of recent history’ as a spearhead Henry ends up being a scriptwriter, director and curator of plays and exhibitions in villages and fields both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. With food, landscape and people at the core.

And staging ideas is still part of him producing art. In 2009 Henry initiates a portable artist in residence, called P.A.I.R. to invite artist from around the world. While he creates a couple of very successful site-specific plays. It seems like Henry understands theatre at a new level resulting in real site-specific shows with cooperation of amateurs and professionals and an audience to show to.

In 2015 he starts of with a role as supporting actor in a short movie shot at a rural location. There is always the focus on landscape and the visual representation of people. He developes and builds another residency, called TAIR. And starts Landscape Labs, a platform for visual art, landscape and theatre.


Publications (selection) (work / book, exhibition or websites):

Home is where…, published on occasion of the AIR project Canal Grande, pag. 46, 49, 59, 60, 2015, Kunst Vereine Ruhr, isbn: 978-3-938847-23-7

The Round Table/ ICAF, in the picture, 2015, book and documentary, 2015, isbn: 978-90-807202-6-8, 2015

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Kruisbestuiving, over kennis, kunst en het leven, Louise O.Fresco, pag 93, Prometheus.Bert Bakker, 2014, isbn 978-90-3514251-0

Many works and plays /, 2000-14

P.A.I.R. / The Fine chap, the monk and the cartographer, writer: Abby Buwalda, PeerGrouP, 2014

P.A.I.R. / 3 booklets: Erik Alkema’s Ontworteld, Paul Wiersbinki’s Schawarma and Vesta Kroese’s Sleenschap, writers: Lise Sennbeck, Vesta Kroese, PeerGrouP, 2013

Wandelavonturen Veenhuizen /, 2011-15

P.A.I.R. / Chorography, book and dvd, writers: Deirdre M. Donoghue, Klaas Koetje en Tanny Dobbelaar, filmmaker: Dinanda Luttikhedde, PeerGrouP, 2011

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