About Henry J.Alles


I am good at finding beautiful locations where a team can create an art project. A team of people, amateurs and professionals, who want to work along with me. A team that enjoys the excellence of the group and the excellence of the individual.

I am somebody who thinks, initiates and creates. Besides being an artist I am an excellent executive producer who is good in overviewing a project. I aim as artist and producer for both a good product and a good process.

Excellent and funny video about my work:

International working experience:
Russia, Denmark, Wales, USA, Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Romenia, and Belgium.
on request. (The past 15 years I was attached, as part of the artistic team, to site specific theatre group The PeerGrouP.
Bachelor degree in environmental engineering, Secondary technical school, procesoperator, Driving licence.

I have a keen eye for conventions, which I love to shake up, not to break down but strenghten by doing so.

My qualities, competence and abilities:
Strong in outlining the main story of a project but less capable on details. Good in asking the right people to work on details.
I ask questions. I give a lot, venture in unknown territory . And confront.
I can do it by myself, but love to take people with me.
As an artist I am rigid and conceptual, capable of working with different media. I have a good sense of costume, stage design, and musical composition.
As a curator I work along thematic lines. I invite artists, pick different locations and publish the results and experiences.
Experienced intern supervisor on different educational levels from secondary school to bachelor degree.
I love working outside. That just makes me happy.
People and stories is what I like.

Working experience (selection):

  • Initiator/coordinator, 2015, Landscape Labs (PAIR & TAIR), Groningen,
  • Teacher, 2015, Alter Ego project, Minerva Art Academy, project week, minor students
  • Supporting actor, Uitzicht, 2015, director: Reinout Hellenthal
  • Artistic and executive producer, Once upon a Time in het Veen, 2014, PeerGrouP, http://www.snertwestern.nl/
  • Artistic team, policy development and production, many productions, 2000-14, site specific theatre group PeerGrouP
  • Curator/initiator, P.A.I.R Residence, 2009-14, Netherlands, pdf: http://www.peergroup.nl/oni.app/local/upload/pair_2013_interactive_yeah.pdf
  • Tutor, 12 productions, 2007-14, site specific theatre youngsters group PeerJonG, Netherlands
  • Artistic and executive producer, diner theatre show The Round Table, 2008-13, several festivals, Netherlands
  • Artistic director community art, Verdwenen Veen, 2013, PeerGrouP, Drenthe
  • Performer, Cold War: a performance project, 2012, Wende Museum, Los Angeles (USA)
  • Host and mediator, Cultuur4daagse, 2012, Province Gelderland, Netherlands
  • Site specific specialist, artistic and executive producer, Rrrriot, 2012, National Theatre Wales, Rhayader (UK)
  • Advisory board, Friese Waterlinie, 2011-12, Friesland, Netherlands
  • Teacher minor space and scenography, 2009, Fontys Hogeschool, Tilburg
  • Script writer, Mei inoar/Troch inoar 1,2, and 3, 2008-10, Simmerdeis festival, Houtigehage, Netherlands
  • Writer and director audio stories, Wandelavonturen Veenhuizen, 2008-09, Veenhuizen, http://www.wandelavonturenveenhuizen.nl
  • Artistic producer landart-project, Ministerie van Turen, 2007, Veenhuizen
  • Advisor program commity, Kunsthuis SYB, 2004-05, Beetsterzwaag
  • Teacher spacial design, Academie voor popcultuur, 2004-05, Leeuwarden