I-land, final presentation by Henry Alles

Final Presentation I-land by Henry Alles at ArtEZ, 15th of June 2018: I-land is an operatic performance making use of the language of theatre but also looking at the tools of other disciplines, like archaeology and crime-scene investigation. I-land is a performance in which ten artefacts are shown that I have found on this site while doing research. These elements can be called evidence if we would agree that it is a crime scene, or artefacts if we spoke of an arch
aeological excavation; they certainly are properties of this theatre performance. I have chosen to use the word artefact as the common word, and these artefacts can be objects, people and events. The artefacts that I will present are histories, people, deaths, politics, ecology, emotions, an opera and a resolution. But as in any crime-scene, or an archaeological excavation and in this theatrical telling of a story the artefacts are not all complete and present, you will be left to decide what happened or happens.