Ways to Re-Claim Space (Co-Transpose 2024)

Thanks to Culture Moves Europe I was invited again to stay and work with Co-Transpose in Dikea and surrounding villages. Within the main theme my own stay in Dikea/Dilofos/Spileo focused on ‘Welcome to where the shadows lengthen even when the sun rises.’ (as written down in November 2023 during A Little Odyssey when I also stayed here in the area.)

Below you find a picture gallery on what we and I did.

BACKGROUND: In Spring 2024 four reclaimed spaces will be activated for the projects: 1 “Steki” is the cultural hub in the centre of the village. It has an office space in the back, working tables and supplies, and a cosy garden. Steki is also perfect for meeting the locals and organising small events. 2 “Warehouse” is a large unfinished industrial building ideal for large-scale installations, wall paintings, and other experimental projects. It also has a rooftop and a large piece of land that can be used. 3 “Kafeneio” is a small traditional cafe in a heavily depopulated village that we will reopen as a social space to explore community participation. 4 “Amphitheater” is a classical Greek amphitheatre with a building with rooms that can be used and is connected to a forest. It is ideal for performances, music, sound experimentation, and film screenings. 

Centre for Healing, 2024, part of the idea of Always Coming Home

I have been working on several of these projects, here I give you some of my notes about it:

‘A research path for creating one or more then one community house in Europe for all kinds of artists who desire the feeling of ‘always coming home’… Hopefully we can make a small shopwindow for Gaia when the KAFENBEIO is open? … Furthermore I will study if we can create a mobile play at a later stage in autumn or next spring that includes the material you need for the future. I myself am thinking of a modular floor on wheels. It might travel on railroad between villages DIKEA and DILOFOS. An solar panel driven dancefloor? …Collect irrigation pipes that are left over elsewhere… Start a village on and in the WAREHOUSE… And I would like to continu to work on the Museío Synchronon Provlimátion in SPILEO and talk to whoever can use their power to make it happen. Maybe somebody can just make the logo?.. This spring might also be the start of the Living Library for Food and Fabrics and I think the first recipe I will contribute is a lollypop from the Lollypop Station Dikea (LSD). This might become part of CO-LLECTION (NewBauhaus Prize 2024)’.

I found a lot of inspiration in the following Story-based inquiry: a manual for investigative journalists as published by UNESCO.