The Table Is Set

FOUNDATION PROEF ME & LANDSCAPE LABS PRESENT THE TABLE IS SET, a performative diner on site and celebrating A Little Odyssey.

On 15th of December 2023 the first The Table Is Set happened with DIRECTORS / CHEFS: MARIKE & CLARA, JOE O’CONNER, KIM MUENCH AND ERMIS ALLES, This diner was the Athens version, the Dutch version will use a similar script in January/February 2024. It was made possible by 66 SPONSORS AND APARAMILLON.

We offered quit some dishes, stories & fairy tales (and we brought some costumes, masks and instruments). Our guest brought even more dishes, smiles, stories, drinks and music. Some new lyrics were written with the whole group attending the diner and a letter was burned. The ashes were dissolved in Tsiporo and we drank it to never forget. See the picture gallery below for the diner.

En nu gaan ik dus terug zonder TAIR want die is nu FAIR maar ik gebruik nog wel even de kaart om duidelijk te maken hoe ik dan wel niet terug ga / And now I am going back without TAIR because it is FAIR and I will use the same map as for A Little Odyssey to explain how I am travelling:

Preparations of the diner and the actual diner party gallery below:

Travel gallery below: