'Here we are' project gaat van start

‘Here we are’ / Call for artists (international)

Due to permit problems we can only host artists for a maximum stay of three days. The complete long-stay program will start as soon as the permit is granted by the city of Groningen! Feel invited anyhow!!

The landscape, the location and the local inhabitants inspire the PAIR. Since 2009 the PAIR stood on 15 different locations ( http://www.landscapelabs.nl/portfolio/pair-places/ ) . And always there was the extra attention for the quality of food, ecology, practical knowledge of the landscape, community spirit and the supply of energy.IMG_1954_891

The P.A.I.R. started with a broad view on landscape and thru sub theme’s about knowledge, location and population it’s working method now comes down to three words: school, library and workshop. These words are now the basics of the P.A.I.R., a portable-artist-in-residence.

The PAIR offers artists the opportunity to contribute to the research of a very specific landscape: the former sugar factory location in the city of Groningen and it surrounding landscape.

Questions? E-mail:henry@landscapelabs.nl

Air-address: Energieweg 10, Groningen

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-04 om 12.59.12Accommodation Information:  Two shipping containers, solar powered, with simple solutions for water and waste. The containers have a bed/living room, kitchen, toilet, workshop, small library, and some tools. The PAIR is suitable for all kind of work. It must be stressed that the PAIR is not only a workshop but also place of residence. You will be living in the PAIR and be responsible for the accommodation and its surroundings. Your location is next to different projects and people.

Main theme ‘Here we are’

The current location of the PAIR gives the opportunity to do specific artistic research in two very interesting subjects: it is a former industrial location that is turning into a cultural hotspot with artists and events. This is changeover that is happening all over the Netherlands and makes us shift from material goods producing – to an events producing society. And this year, 2016, the same location is getting an AZC (asylum seeking refugees camp) for over 400 people as a neighbour. For these two subjects we want to work on the theme ‘Here we are’.

History PAIR

The Portable Artist in Residence project was conceived and builds, in 2009, by a specialist in site-specific arts, Henry J.Alles. As initiator and curator he is, besides being an artist, trained as an environmental engineer and is therefore technical and otherwise very employable.

The P.A.I.R. project started of with the theme Landscape & Memory, which fitted perfectly with the low impact and portable way of working in the landscape. Being free in where to work and still not leaving any garbage behind except for a beautiful experience. During the different art projects, from 2009 until 2014, the theme gained depth. The different suggestions and ideas forIMG_1902_890m all over the world helped in this and influenced the program. In the past two years, due to a smaller budget, we continued the program by exchanging stays for books about landscapes. To grow even a better landscape library in the PAIR.


The end result of the artists stay in the PAIR can take the form of a debate, a scientific essay, a record of conversations with passers-by, a film, soundscape, photo’s and/or a narrative of things that have happened. The artist’s stay is meant to contribute to the artist‘s and the PAIR’s creative development. Their stay should be meaningful for the local community.

Postal address: PAIR / Henry J.Alles, 1e drift gedempte zuiderdiep 5a, 9711 CR Groningen

Telephone: 00 31 (0)6 23185923

Disciplines: Film, theatre, site-specific, research, visual arts, literature, music&sound art

Duration: TBD

Location: Energieweg 10, Groningen

Paid by host:

On the moment we cannot yet offer grants. But with smart cooperation miracles are possible. We hope that the future is bright. For now we ask a small contribution to sustain the PAIR.

Paid by guest:

Travel expenses, food and material, and between €10,- to €25,- per day (to be discussed) contribution for advice, concepttalks, gas, water, waste and maintenance.


Application guidelines:

To sustain this special residence we ask good plans that contribute to our main goal: making site-specific art as a research tool within the theme of ‘Here we are’.

The PAIR is a portable artist in residence. And you are welcome to stay and work in the PAIR. In exchange we only ask you write a short proposal. Of course we can negotiate about the length of your stay. Please, send us your proposal and the possible dates you would like to stay at the P.A.I.R. We prefer snail-mail to e-mail.


Deadlines: None

Date of start of this residency: 2009

Languages: Dutch, German, English