Everything happens somewhere

Met het in kaart brengen van een plek spreek je mogelijk ook over toe-eigenen, koloniseren, verbinden, een relatie aangaan, ongelijkheid ervaren, inzicht geven, bevrijden, gastvrijheid, delen, uitbuiten, benutten, verhalen….. / With mapping a place you may also speak about appropriation, colonization, connecting, entering into a relationship, experiencing inequality, giving insight, liberating, hospitality, sharing, exploiting, exploiting, narrating, exploiting, exploiting …..

“I am trained as an environmental expert (1987-1991) who, maybe in order to escape the then known ecological facts, specialized in making music, art & theatre, often on a specific location. Importantly to add is that I currently like to describe this as ‘working in relation’ instead of ‘working on location’. And ‘with the world’ (Harraway, Staying with the trouble, 2016) and not ‘in the world’ we are living” (Henry Alles).