Programma 2018 / Program 2018

Voor de komende tijd staat het volgende op het programma /For the coming year, the following program:
    • Linda Molenaar is going to do research on birds and feathers (TAIR will be involved)
    • ‘Een Archeologie van de nieuwste geschiedenis’ (50 jaar Floriades tussen 1972 en 2022.) / An Archaeology of the most recent history (50 years of Floriades between 1972 and 2022)
    • Cooperation with Buro Mol – a research into rural Limburg
    • ‘Here we are’, vanuit de PAIR doen we onderzoek naar de mind-, matter- en powerscape van het voormalig suikerunie terrein in Groningen, 2016-2030 / researching the former sugarfactory area and looking for it’s mind-, matter- and powerscape
    • A French food artist will do a residence in the PAIR in spring
    • TAIR and Henry J Alles keep being located in Arnhem for the duration of the
      Masters of Theatre Practices (2016-2018) program most of the time.
    • New plans for international projects are in the process of being written.