Cymru Yfory/ Change and Place 2050

Just to give a little more information on the making the exhibition Cymru Yfory/ Change and Place 2050 I share with you these pictures and text.

Cymru Yfory/ Change and Place 2050 is developing through a series of workshops, on different sites connected to different histories, often being presented as a diner or lunch. We actually bring objects from the museum to the sites and in the workshops and the preparation being done on site, in regions, in archives and meetings with curators we translate our ideas by using mapping, performing and certainly documenting our finding. And in each workshop we try to model the future along the ideas and objects presented. We think of new technologies but all of these ideas in the end come down to the desire to share with others in a less stressful way as compared to how they are currently experienced. In general we conclude that there is a desire to bring back the social to the centre of attention in the future desired. It seems both capitalism and environmental concerns disturb our thoughts in how to think about the future. As said in one of the workshops: “the future is now, and that was not supposed to happen”.

Cymru Yfory/ Change and Place 2050 will be inspired by the future modelling we did in the past months and therefore the design reflects the idea of a future cinema without a screen, a supermarket of the soul and the ever ongoing story of migration. This art work is becoming a project that ‘acts as a bridge toward new processes, new pathways’. And ‘to speak of a “way” is to dwell on the process itself, on its manner of becoming’ (The Minor Gesture, Erin Manning, p47).  ‘Art as a “way” is not yet about an object, about a form, or a content. It is still on its way’.

Please enjoy the pictures while we work towards next steps in the process of making Cymru Yfory/ Change and Place 2050