Stop waiting and start walking

Stop waiting and start walking (a practise of movement in life and writing), Henry Alles, May 2019

The research at Duncan Center starts in between the iron bars of the front gate at Methonis 75. How to walk from Methonis 75 in Exarchia to Duncan Centre in Vyronas? Lift your right leg up quit high and put your foot in between two bars of iron of the front gate and lean to the left with your left hand stretching all the way to the white switch that, sitting just besides the front door that you just opened all the way, electronically controls the latch of the gate. Push the switch and pull the gate with your right foot. Step out onto the street and go to the right.

These research times are the times to ask questions. And perform the archaeology of performance. Eat new scores in many different ways, produce, reproduce, valuate and think of the three ecologies as describe by Guattari; social, mental and environmental.


During our stay in Athens I stay with friends that were able to buy a small basement apartment in the neighbourhood of Exarchia, very specifically sold to them by someone who tried to prevent that people turn places into Air BnB apartments.

I get up from the bench as I walk out and again walk the streets of Athens between Exarchia, Duncan Centre and Aparamillon and I know it is a great exchange in which I feel very safe. Will anybody get drunk at any time? The research in Athens brought me to write.