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About Henry Alles

Henry Alles

Ik ben een maker, ik zet in gang en denk mee. Ik veroorzaak maar niets want wat ik doe kan zonder anderen. Over mij gaat over anderen. Samen in voorstellingen, op plaatsen, plekken en locaties, in thema’s en samenwerkingen.

I was trained as master in theatre practices and have a bachelor in environmental engineering. From 2004 until 2014 I was a core member of the theatregroup PeerGrouP and have a network of international artists, scholars, writers and organisations.

International working experience:

Russia, Denmark, UK, USA, Poland, Czech Rep., Germany, Romenia, Sweden and Belgium.

I think every project should also be a school, a library and a workshop. And I treat every site as a crime-scene, excavation and a theatre. 

Working experience (a selection):

  • THE FUTURE HAS A PAST (leading artist), St Fagans National Museum of History, (Cardiff, UK, 2019-2021)
  • The Chapel (as performer), NNTtwee, Club Guy & Roni, Noorderzon Festival , (Groningen, NL 2019)
  •  Pastor Perk outside the beds (group show), Going Nomad, Zone2zone, (Amsterdam, NL, 2018 )
  • IMPAKT Don’t follow the wind (invited guest), conference on transdisciplinarity, Essen (D), 2017

  • Advisor/ facilitator/producer, This is now (co-producer of project created by Jantine Wijnja), 2016, Landscape Labs i.c.w. Wintertuin, Netherlands

  • Curator/initiator, P.A.I.R Residence, 2009-14, Netherlands, pdf: http://issuu.com/landscapelabs/docs/pair_2013_interactive_yeah/1?e=16981772/12921150