My current thoughts

The site as a crime scene, a theatre and an excavation

Landscape is the bearer of emotions for users and inhabitants of an area. Residencies as mobile school-library-workshops. Film can be the sustainble bearer for stories and theatre the interpreter of movies in landscapes.

The assembling, encountering and mapping are my tools for making performances on site, which hold my desire for a lack of hierarchy and authority and are suitable for exchange and equipped to actualise a performance as if it is, at the same time, a crime-scene, a theatre and an archaeological excavation (Shanks & Pearson, 2001, p. 62). In other words the crime-scene in which we can uncover evidence but will never be spectators to the actual crime being performed due to the incompleteness of evidence and misinterpretations of the site; the theatre as the perfect site to stage the incompleteness of facts, add fiction and make performances that prevent physical conflict (Schechner, 1994, p. 112-120); and the archaeological excavation in which we uncover our recent histories to understand what our assumptions are. I consider archiving and documenting automatically part of this artistic process using the before mentioned tools.