Proefstation aka Tiny Artist in Residence (TAIR)

Gearriveerd op plek 63 kunnen we zeggen dat elk gevoel van mogelijkheid en gedroomde actie kan worden omgezet in daden plus dat alles wat plaatsvind vind ergens plaats moet vinden. Proefstation aka T.A.I.R. kan hierbij helpen. Een mobiele verblijfplaats met voldoende comfort om aan het werk te kunnen, om verhalen te verzamelen, pannenkoeken te bakken en te delen. Het echte werk begint pas als je ergens bent.

Arrived at the 63rd residence site we can tell that every sense of possibility and dreamed action can be turned into something real plus that everything that takes place must take place somewhere. Proefstation aka T.A.I.R. can help with this. A mobile home with sufficient comfort to get to work, to collect stories, bake and share pancakes. The real work doesn’t start until you’re really somewhere.

On the road

The TAIR is a mobile artist in residence.

Accomodation Information
A wooden trainwagon, 300 by 170 cm, on a former horsetrailer. Small but suitable for all kind of work. One bed, gasstove, books, cooking facilities and a beautiful landscape. It must be stressed that the TAIR is not only a workshop but also place of residence.

The T.A.I.R. is a magnificent leftover from the theatre production ‘Once upon a time in het veen’ (2014). A project that not only was a beautiful show but above all a great undertaking in which a small locomotive with carriages was transported with the help of only 100 meters of rail and a lot of people. It was a true tinker western. Making a railway was a big effort. And after two and a half months only a wooden carriage remained. Now we don’t lay rail. We drive on tarmac. The wheels of the wooden carriage got replaced with a horse trailer and can now be connected to any automobile. On it’s way to new adventures.