27th of August 1981: Women for Life on Earth march against nuclear arms!

Today it has been 40 years since the Women For Life on Earth marched against nuclear arms!!! Here you can find some information about how a group of young people studied what happened then to understand what is needed now

As part of the exhibition THE FUTURE HAS A PAST we have highlighted something very special as Friday the 27th of August it has been 40 years since the Women For Life on Earth marched against nuclear arms. They walked from the Welsh capital Cardiff all the way to Greenham Common (England) and the protest camp they started there lasted for years. With the pictures plus the comments I try to tell something to all the visitors that can’t visit the banner currently on show (until January 2022) in the exhibition in Wales. Please enjoy the work the team and I did in the autumn of 2019!

(this page would not have been possible without Glanmorgan Archives, St Fagans National Museum of History and the team of young artists, please see link here for more)